Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Apple Isle

Well what can I say, three posts in a week, your lucky I suppose that I have nothing to do right now and want to sit and write this lol.

I want to tell you all, I take photos of a lot of stuff intending to write on here. More often then most the time passes and the enthusiasm does too. Not today though, today was productive for me.

I woke up at five am, yes crazy, but that's life, I've always been an early riser. I got up intending to write, but instead I remembered that I stewed a batch of apples yesterday.

See I live on the most awesome island ever. There is always so much fresh fruit and veg it's crazy. With the generosity of others my family can eat all summer off the produce people bring to my door step. Over run with carrots, we eat carrots till we're orange. Carrot cake, stir fired, baked, soup, steamed. And the same goes for zucchini, apricots and berries. Plus Tomatoes, but they lend to chutneys and savory items more.

Dean and I planted a garden this year, so we can hopefully repay some of the generosity this coming season. In the mean time though we are up to apples. I love apples, I have one a day. Before we moved a Few months ago the house we lived in had two apple trees, and I used to apple it up all season.

My favorite thing to do with apple though is to stew them,and put the stewed apples into cakes and muffins. Well actually, when my babies were, actually babies, they were pretty much introduced to solids by eating stewed apples.

I don't know how to connect the writing to the picture on the app yet, so your going to have to connect picture with step yourself.

I've been wanting to put up a stewing apple post. Just to show you that it's not hard, and with a little, very little effort you can make fresh apple sauce yourself. It's organic, thick, and made by YOU!

Step one

Peel and core apples, placing them all in a big enough pot for the batch your stewing. I added a few pears here because they were sorry looking. In and out of lunch boxes till they aren't good for anything else but being made into mush.

Step two

Put the lid on and cook over a low heat. Yep you heard. No water, sugar or spices. Just lid on and let the heat and steam from the natural juices do the work.

Step three

Stir every now and then so that its not sticking to the bottom. It doesn't take long, and when it is done you can choose how mashy you want it. I like mine quite chunky. So when I put it in cakes and muffins you can see bits still.

Step four

Separate into zip lock bags (I like to measure it into 1 1/2 cup baggies so I know it's the right amount for the recipe I use) and put in freezer till you need it.


Bake them into yummy cakes and things right away. Like I did, at 5am


Do both!


I love living on the Apple Isle.


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Amateur Cook

Anonymous said...

Will definitely try this as I get given loads of apples and am ashamed to say I throw most of them away (hangs head in shame!) :) ~Jo~